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Song of Silence – About the book


Song of Silence is a fine arts photography book that will take you on a journey into the essential, ineffable beauty of the mighty element, water.
Mother Nature is the greatest artist and water is one of her favorite brushes. The element of water alters our vision and impressions. Known forms transition into new, unique and often startling creations, often beyond our expectations. Whether it is an entire ocean, a lake, a river, a pond or a single drop of water, the essence of liquid is transformative. ‚ —Rico Besserdich

Song of Silence is a art book that will take you on a journey into the essential, ineffable beauty of the mighty element, water.

The potential of reflecting the relationship between mankind and water, building bridges between societies, cultures and countries, uniting people and awakening a greater environmental awareness; this is the goal. Song of Silence has one single purpose, a vision of global unity. A look from a different perspective can make all the difference in the world.

Song of Silence will be a personal essence and conclusion of the 39 years I’ve been involved in photography. This book represents the culmination of almost four decades of preparation, not only in terms of creating images but also in terms of mental development, spiritual approach and defining my own artistic style.

As a photographer, it is my goal to let my images speak for themselves, allowing me the freedom of expression and providing you the freedom of interpretation. In my book, I will let others state their thoughts about what water means to them and what they think about its importance.

I have personally contacted a number of people from around the world, asking them for a short text contribution to my book. Almost all of them answered, sending me their thoughts about water. Divers, artists, philosophers, craftsmen, fishermen, housewifes, children, conservationists, medics, bank directors and many more. With deep gratefulness in my heart, I furthermore received personal words and text contributions to my book from several Nobel laureates such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, José Ramos-Horta, Sir John B. Gurdon and Professor May-Britt Moser.

Arts, science and philosophy working together hand in hand to create a positive universal message about something that is greater than all of us: water. This is SONG OF SILENCE.

‚A truly artistic concept going far beyond standard underwater photography‘. –Michael Lawrence

‚Song of Silence – Photographer / visual philosopher Rico Besserdich is creating a blue ode to our life support system. This fine art photography book reminds us that the intrinsic beauty of water has an alchemical effect that unifies the planet, on many levels‘. — Laurie Wilson, Blue Ocean Network

‚Without water there’s is no life, without art there is no appreciation of one’s passion. Rico certainly has filled both gaps. Astounding imaginary of the water world through his eyes is beyond words, truly something for the senses to experience.‘ — Vishnu Rajendran Amboo

‚Rico Besserdich’s stunning photographic work, his long term dedication to, and deep understanding of, the Fine Arts means that he was always going to stand out from the crowd.‘–Dr. Richard Wylie

Book specifications
30x30cm (12×12 inch), Hardcover, around 130 pages (170gr/m2). 4-color print with aqua varnish, UV varnish on the cover.

Song of Silence is scheduled to be officially released in November 2017, during the DEMA Show in Orlando/Florida. It will be available for pre-orders in September 2017.


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About the Author

About the Author

Who Am I ?
I am an independent photographer and my specialty is Aquatic Imaging, the art of imaging utilizing water as the key element of expression. In 2011 I won the title World Champion of Underwater Photography and my images were published and featured hundreds of times in magazines and books all around the world. My underwater image series of a submerged „Dakota“ aircraft received numerous awards and earned a place in the „Top 5 Scuba Shots of 2013“ at PADI, the worlds biggest scuba training agency.

The past seven years has seen my work exhibited in seven photography art exhibitions. In 2015, I wrote two books about underwater photography for a German dive training agency. In the year 2014 I had the honor to be a lecturer for artistic underwater photography at the SAAR Academy of Fine Arts, Germany. A full list of my references is available on my website www.maviphoto.com .

The first time I used a camera was in summer 1978. My first camera was a „Weltaflex“ (built 1954), an East-German copy of the popular „Rolleiflex“, 12 images per roll ofilm. I learned the basics of photography and developed my black&white medium format images in the darkroom. I have been hooked on the art of photography since. In 1996 I discovered scuba-diving, became a scuba-diving instructor in 2000 and began to shoot images underwater. I have explored the oceans from the surface down to 260 feet, always on the hunt for significant subjects, situations and images.

My artwork has become more and more focused on the element of water itself over the years. My goal has become more refined, to create images that go beyond classic underwater photography. It is the search for images that express the endlessly fascinating facets and beauty of Mother Water.

My past lives as a Musician, Web-Designer, Graphic-Designer and Photography Editor makes my work intimate and strongly visual. I have my own vision and way to tell my stories.

My book Song of Silence will be a personal essence and conclusion of the 39 years I’ve been involved in photography. This book represents the culmination of almost four decades of preparation, not only in terms of creating images but also in terms of mental development, spiritual approach and defining my own artistic style.



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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The SONG OF SILENCE HALL OF FAME lists the names of the book supporters and backers who did their best to help making the book real. I thank you all from my heart and I gladly honor your good hearts and generosity by mentioning your name in this hall of fame!

Hall of Fame

Every big move begins with a smooth current. A smell of positive change is in the air and if you trust in that smooth current of positive change it will take you to beautiful places.

My special thanks goes to: Michael Lawrence, Alexander Niedermayer, Thorsten Gregor, Raffaele Livornese, Seda Karadeniz, Miguel Lopez, Istem Guten, Halit Uzun, Elif Sevil Kölgesiz, Birgül Hekim Ivecan, Aynur Günaydin


Riding the Art Wave is challenging as you never know how the wave reacts. Riders of the Art Wave are fine and brave people who strongly believe in the spirit of art.

My special thanks goes to: Paul Colley, Andre Phillip, Frank Nelissen. Richard Wonka, Laurie J. Wilson, Alexandra Schmidt, Peter Symes, Saniye Sahin, Diana Schmitt, Hans-Joachim Meyer, Yildirim Gencoglu, Serpil Karadeniz Kasar, Michael Barth, Dave Deshotel, Tamer Oecal, Mustafa Dalgic, Uka Meissner-Deruiz, Azize Namdar, Kelly Stechenfinger, Alan G. Miller, Renee Woo, Noriyuki Otani, Barbara Mehli, Karen Belfo, Sedat Basol, Ayşe Er Cakıroğlu, Ole Bruns, Roman Zaban


Hall of Fame - SONG OF SILENCE

A Rock in the Surf  resists all elements, and it provides stability and shelter in the storm of arts. Just focus on the rock and see your doubts and fears drifting away.

My special thanks goes to: Mujibur Rahmar, Peter McCallum, Claudia Weber-Gebert,  Erlinda Davison, Sibel Çetinsoy Erol, Ahmet Erol


Song of Silence, the book: Hall of Fame

An Aquatic Arts Investor is a fearless person with a good heart, always ready for a new adventure. They have a special sense that allows them to see real passion and commitment, and they have the good spirit to support that.

My special thanks goes to: Mark Sapsford, Tammy Ade, Alan Mizzi, Abdullah Bayram, Dr. Jörg Ohland, Kenneth Harding, Gülsema Luyer, Niels Schönrock, Sevil Gürel-Peker, Kristine Grimsrud


Hall of Fame. Honring the supporter of Song of Silence.

A Honorable Illuminator of the Abyss is a fearless art-lover with a strong will to bring light into the darkness. Wherever he walks, darkness diminishes.

My special thanks goes to: John Brehany


Hall of Fame

A Master of the Elements is a being so full of positive energy, it can even control the elements. But they have no desire to control anything, for them it is enough to know they could do it if they want to.

My sincere and deep gratefulness goes to: Mrs Rosario Rojas


Song of Silence - The most generous supporters. Hall of Fame.

No water, no Life. Nothing in this world can exist without Mother Water. This is the greatest spirit and element in the world of Aquatic Arts, and those who can rely on Mother Water’s generous heart are indeed blessed.

„Mother Water“ is a honorary title. It is not related to financial support contributed to the book project. It honors extraordinary efforts for „Song of Silence“ and a deep understanding of the books‘ real spirit and mission. It furthermore honors the willingness and readiness to help without asking anything back. This title/award is the best we can give and only 1 person can be its bearer.

The honorary title „Mother Water“ goes to: Mrs Maria-Paz Acchiardo

Maria’s efforts to help this special project went way beyond standard borders. She opened new channels, provided valuable consultancy, spend so many work hours, and she always had a word of optimism to speak, even in „dark hours“. She furthermore has the talent to look to situations from different and new perspectives, which then so often resulted in great new opportunities. She is spiritual, conscious of all matters of life, but she is also straight-forward and always driven by positive energy. This makes her my sister in soul, and I consider myself lucky and honored to know her.

Maria-Paz Acchiardo was and still is one of the driving forces behind SONG OF SILENCE, it is her good spirit that brought this book to dimensions, not even me -the creator of it- was able to foresee. For this, Maria has my eternal gratitude and to award her „Mother Water“ is a sign of my sincere gratefulness.

Izmir, 29.08.2017

Rico Besserdich


Song of Silence - People of true spirit

Not everything in life is about money. On my path of creating SONG OF SILENCE many very fine humans crossed my way. Some helped me with valuable advice, others gave me a heads up in times I doubted everything, and some shared a part of their good spirit with me, providing good karma. This is also a very valuable support and that’s why I like to call these fine humans „People with true Spirit“.

My warmest THANK YOU goes to:

Seda Karadeniz, Michael Lawrence, Prof. Dr. Rolf Sachsse, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jörg „Jockel“ Ohland, Niels Schönrock, Ümit Arar Guimbretiere, Ernie Brooks, Mark Sapsford, Maria-Paz Acchiardo, Erlinda Davison, Jose Ramos Horta, John Brehany, Lala Rute, Matthias Deneke, Frank Lembke, Pablo Baindl, Abdullah Bayram, Henry Jager, Laurie Wilson, Tim Ho, Monica Chin, Angel Fitor, Dr. Friedrich Naglschmid, Amandio Carriça, Gunther Deichmann, Frank Nelissen, Ole Bruns


Song of Silence