About the Author

Who Am I ?
I am an independent photographer and my specialty is Aquatic Imaging, the art of imaging utilizing water as the key element of expression. In 2011 I won the title World Champion of Underwater Photography and my images were published and featured hundreds of times in magazines and books all around the world. My underwater image series of a submerged „Dakota“ aircraft received numerous awards and earned a place in the „Top 5 Scuba Shots of 2013“ at PADI, the worlds biggest scuba training agency.

The past seven years has seen my work exhibited in seven photography art exhibitions. In 2015, I wrote two books about underwater photography for a German dive training agency. In the year 2014 I had the honor to be a lecturer for artistic underwater photography at the SAAR Academy of Fine Arts, Germany. A full list of my references is available on my website www.maviphoto.com .

The first time I used a camera was in summer 1978. My first camera was a „Weltaflex“ (built 1954), an East-German copy of the popular „Rolleiflex“, 12 images per roll ofilm. I learned the basics of photography and developed my black&white medium format images in the darkroom. I have been hooked on the art of photography since. In 1996 I discovered scuba-diving, became a scuba-diving instructor in 2000 and began to shoot images underwater. I have explored the oceans from the surface down to 260 feet, always on the hunt for significant subjects, situations and images.

My artwork has become more and more focused on the element of water itself over the years. My goal has become more refined, to create images that go beyond classic underwater photography. It is the search for images that express the endlessly fascinating facets and beauty of Mother Water.

My past lives as a Musician, Web-Designer, Graphic-Designer and Photography Editor makes my work intimate and strongly visual. I have my own vision and way to tell my stories.

My book Song of Silence will be a personal essence and conclusion of the 39 years I’ve been involved in photography. This book represents the culmination of almost four decades of preparation, not only in terms of creating images but also in terms of mental development, spiritual approach and defining my own artistic style.